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THREE best ways to Reduce Noise/Grain in Photoshop

THREE best ways to Reduce Noise/Grain in Photoshop

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In the age of incredibly high ISOs and camera sensors that seem to get better by the day, noise and grain are not nearly as much of a problem as they used to be, but when you need some help turning down the grain or noise in your photos there are some great options in Photoshop. We’ll talk about the subtle noise reduction that Smart Sharpen has available, how to use Reduce Noise with the Blend If sliders to get a great mix of noise-reduction only in the areas that we need it, and also the very useful and powerful noise reduction tool in the Camera RAW editor and how you can use that on any photo you have in Photoshop (even if it’s not a RAW image.) Check out this tutorial and I hope you love it!

01:00 Working with a Smart Object
01:29 Smart Sharpen to Reduce Noise
02:42 Reduce Noise + Blend If Slider
07:28 Camera RAW Noise Reduction


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