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Tips To Building Your Home Photography Studio – A Phlearn Video Tutorial

Tips To Building Your Home Photography Studio – A Phlearn Video Tutorial

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You Don’t Need a Studio to Look Like You Have a Studio.

What most photographers won’t tell you is that “studio” shots are usually done in their living room. No shame in this, in fact I am going to help you get an awesome home studio.

Today’s Episode Timeline

1:00 -Why we got our new studio
1:41 – Background Seamless Paper
1:60 – Manfrotto Backdrop Holder
3:05 – Reliable Light Stands Also Work For Backdrop Stands
4:30 – Small Stands for Indoor Backdrops
5:30 – Suggestions for people without studio lighting
6:10 – Using a Boom – Like this Avenger a475B
7:30 – The importance of sandbags
8:40 – Using a fan to add movement to your image
10:00 – Canvas Vs. Paper
Backdrop/Light Stands

You don’t have to get special stands for your backdrops, you can totally use the same stands you have for your lights.

Seamless Paper

If you are debating between canvas and paper, you are not alone. I have thought may times throughout my career that I should be using canvas, Mostly because it is more expensive, so I assume it is better.

I don’t think it is better. If you have a studio backdrop that will stay up 24/7 in a dedicated studio, canvas may be the option for you. If you plan on being a bit more mobile, paper is usually a good option, especially if you don’t need the full size rolls.

What Are Your Tricks?

We all love saving money. I am no exception. Do you have any tricks to save some money in your studio by using things you can find around the house?

How do you set up your home studio?? .

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