Top 10 Tips for Getting Started (Adobe Character Animator Tutorial)


Note: This is an older tutorial and many features have changed as Character Animator is still in Beta. A more comprehensive and updated tutorial can be found here:

Adobe Character Animator is a new tool included in the latest version of After Effects (CC 2015). It allows you to control animated characters with a webcam using your own facial expressions, voice, keyboard triggers, and more performance capture options. Here are 10 tips to help you get started, including how to set up your puppets, create expressive eyes, use fixed points, add behaviors, and import finished characters into an After Effects composition with motion tracking.

Here are some free example puppets I created to help you get started:
Feel free to modify and use these guys however you want, no credit needed. Hopefully they help you get started with your own original characters!

Download a free trial of Adobe After Effects here:


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