Ultimate Green Screen Tutorial | Crazy Advanced Keying Techniques


So excited to share all these green screen tips with everyone! Took me FOREVER to finish making this so I hope you enjoy. These are 90% of the keying techniques I use when challenged by tough green screens.

So sorry it turned out 40 mins but I shortened it as much as possible. You could possibly watch the entire video in two sessions, on half at a time.

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Here is a list of all the main techniques we covered:
1. Limit Range of Colors with Garbage Matte 4:17
2. Screen Matte vs Alpha Viewer 6:15
3. NEVER Final Result (Use Intermediate Result) 6:38
4. Screen Balance Shifts Hue 7:22
5. Clipping with Curves 9:40
6. Understanding Status View 10:30
7. Test Multiple Frames And Keyframe If Necessary 11:21
8. Key Cleaner Effect 12:14
9. Reduce Chatter 13:45
10. Advanced Spill Suppressor 14:25
11. Fix Bad Edges with Refine Hard Matte
12. Eye Drop Less Saturated Colors
13. Tight Garbage Mask with Keylight
14. Remove Shadows with Shadow/Highlights 21:25
15. Remove Shadows with Invert Lightness
16. Brighten Areas with Adjustment Layers
17. Apply Key to Adjustment Layers
18. Add Vibrance to Brightened Areas
19. Use Track Matte to Steal Alpha Matte 27:40
20. Make Adjustments Before Key (Understanding Order)
21. Mask Out Keylight From Certain Areas
22. Pre-compose If Key Is On Adjustment Layers
23. Edge Color Correction with Keylight 31:30
24. Refine Soft Matte
25. Refine Soft Matte Disadvantages
26. Refine Soft Matte vs Key Cleaner
27. Can’t Use Keying Effects After Decontaminate Edge Colors

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Hopefully you learned a thing or two but mostly inspired some really cool ideas! It’s been fun guys, hopefully I will see YOU in future videos to come!