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5 Things Nobody Will Tell You About Video Editing (Adobe Premiere Pro CC Tutorial)

5 Things Nobody Will Tell You About Video Editing (Adobe Premiere Pro CC Tutorial)

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In this video I will share 5 things that no one will tell about video editing that I had to learn in between the lines.

1. It’s probably a preset: In 8 out of 10 cases when someone asks me how an effect is done and I look into it and come to an answer, it turns out it’s just an app, or preset, or plugin etc. Almost everyone uses shortcuts and templates. Don’t be too quick to think you can’t do something, just find the right tools and resources. It’s rare and I commend those few editors who are really artisanal with their craft nowadays. (0:20)

2. Editing is all the things you DON’T see: Things like cutting, trimming, arranging, selecting etc. are all elements of work involved in video editing that are unseen in the final project but are definitely felt. It’s easy to think about results in terms of visual effects you can see but good editing can also be invisible. (2:45)

3. You can’t always fix it in Post: Sometimes preproduction is just as important in creating an effect or result and it can’t be recreated with a simple preset or button. Things like lighting, set design, materials etc. just cant be recreated so easily. (4:45)

4. Garbage In = Garbage Out: You can polish a turd but it’s still a turd. Of course story and content can trump actual picture quality, but if you are working with poor source material, it will be harder to color grade, apply effects, cut etc in a visually pleasing way. Lighting is very important. (6:20)

5. Editing doesn’t (always) matter: Not everything is meant to be a feature length film. What about livestreams, uncut one takes, videos for social media, memes etc. Editing is the creation and curation of content and so it doesn’t always need to follow the same rules as long as you know when to break them. (9:00)


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