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Behind The Scenes: Island Of Morel PRO Tutorial

Behind The Scenes: Island Of Morel PRO Tutorial

In this tutorial we take you behind the scenes of our new photo shoot: Island Of Morel. Learn how we created it, the setup, lighting and final photo.

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The Sirens Morel stay young by collecting souls of the youth. They come in the night and steal you away. The only thing they are afraid of are kids who eat their veggies. Hear that kids, eat those veggies.

The Shoot

The shoot was a huge success and everyone involved did an amazing job. In total we had about 15 people in the studio for the duration of the shoot, which lasted about 6 hours.

Lighting tests were done before the day of the shoot, so we could have a good idea of what everything would look like, and spend time on other things during the shoot. The most important part of all of it is to make sure the models are comfortable and give the emotion needed for the image. It can be easy to focus on the wrong details when doing something like this.

Our model Jenna went through 3 different subtle changes of hair and makeup. Doing this made the final image a bit more dynamic and less like a cut and paste job.

Basically we brief everyone on the shoot, get them into character and let them go! Trying to pose people usually results in something that looks forced and static, but allowing people to interact with their environment and other actors makes everyone’s job easier.

If there is one big thing we have learned from working with models it is this: give them something to interact with. It can be another actor, an animal, a set, a prop, themselves. It really doen’t matter what you decide on. Doing this will allow people to act instead of model.

The image was taken with a Canon 5d MKii + 70-200 2.8 IS @ 1/160 4.0 ISO200 tethered into Adobe Lightroom. .

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