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How To Make Images Look Great On The Web

How To Make Images Look Great On The Web

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Making Your Images Look Great

There are a lot of options to check when you are editing your images. Choosing the right ones will make sure your images will look great no matter where they are viewed.

In this episode we cover 16bit vs 8bit and colorspace. These may sound boring, but they do make a big difference in your final image.

Today’s Episode Timeline

0:30 -Making sure your images look good on the internet
1:00 – 16 bit vs. 8 bit.(Here is a great article)
2:45 – Opening the DNG
3:50 – Changing your color space
5:30- Opening your image from the RAW Dialogue
6:00- editing your image
7:26- Saving Multiple copies of your images
8:00- Saving your images for the internet
9:30- Deciding your quality
10:30- Opening your image on the internet
12:10- Keeping you from getting pissed off!
Starting with a lot of information

Be sure you are shooting in RAW! You want to start off with the most info possible and then work your way down.

Here is a decent workflow

Shoot with your camera in RAW mode. If your camera does not have RAW, choose the FINE under the JPG settings.
Import into Lightroom or aperture – these programs will read your RAW files.
Edit your image in Photoshop – 16 bit mode, ProphotoRGB or Adobe RGB 1998
Save a copy of your image as a .PSD file – this will allow you to have layers so you can edit the image further later if you decide to.
Save another copy of your image for the web using FILE-SAVE FOR WEB AND DEVICES from Photoshop. Be sure it embeds the color profile SRGB and is around 80 quality.
Upload to the internet! .

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