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COLORIZE a Black and White Photo Lightroom Tutorial

COLORIZE a Black and White Photo Lightroom Tutorial

HARNESS THE SLOW, BULKY ADJUSTMENT BRUSH TO MAKE GLORIOUS COLOR PHOTOS FROM YOUR BLACK AND WHITE SHOTS! | We’ll learn all about tips and tricks of using the Adjustment Brush while we convert this black and white photo to a color shot.

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In this Adobe Lightroom tutorial, we’ll take a black and white photo and use the Adjustment Brush to drop multiple pins and control each segment of the photo to “paint” in color, tone, as well as highlights and shadows to create a realistic-looking color image. We will also cover how to double or triple the power of the adjustment brush by duplicating pins, we’ll talk about auto-masking the Adjustment Brush, and also reduce the overall opacity of an individual pin, and much more! This tutorial is a bit longer than I initially expected it would be, but it’s full of all kinds of info and examples to get you started colorizing your own photos today!

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