Home Graphic Photoshop How to Retouch an Apple Watch! [UNSCRIPTED]

How to Retouch an Apple Watch! [UNSCRIPTED]

How to Retouch an Apple Watch! [UNSCRIPTED]

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Check out the written tutorial too! http://tutvid.com/photoshop/how-to-retouch-an-apple-watch

DOWNLOAD RAW FILE HERE: http://froknowsphoto.com/5-min-portrait-apple-watch/


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My buddy Jared, from Froknowsphoto.com told me about a project video he was getting ready to launch about photographing and how to photograph the Apple Watch. He asked if I would be willing to do some retouching for the watch project and now here comes a tutorial on how I retouched the Apple Watch and how you can too! We’re going to cover color correction in Camera RAW, retouching product and commercial images, rebuilding shadows and highlights, and finally creating a full Apple ad mockup in the end. It may be a long one, but it’s a good one! Let’s get started on this tutorial now!