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HOW TO RETOUCH: Pt. 5 How to Retouch Hair in Photoshop CC

HOW TO RETOUCH: Pt. 5 How to Retouch Hair in Photoshop CC

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Moving along in this series to part 5, we’re going to talk about fine hair retouching and doubling down on frequency separation (covered in part 3) to create the layers we need and then zoom in on the hair and fill in areas that are missing hair and cleaning up dark streaks in the hair to start to get a very smooth finish to the hair. You can use this method and get extremely fine, smooth hair, or you can use it sparingly like I will in this tutorial to get a more realistic portrait look.

01:18 Looking at what this can do
02:09 Getting rid of fly-aways
03:59 Frequency Separation again!
06:20 Cloning hair
09:26 Cloning away small lines/imperfections in hair
11:22 Cloning away additional imperfections
11:58 Correcting colors and flattening the hair
14:47 Duplicating the details for more retouching
16:39 Adjusting hair color and brightness to match hair throughout
19:46 Before/After

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