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How to Use Color Range in Photoshop CC

How to Use Color Range in Photoshop CC

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In this Photoshop CC tutorial we’ll take a look at the power of the Color Range tool in Photoshop. We will look at selecting entire swatches of color, specific tones, how to refine a color range selection, how to make a difficult selection and use it as a mask for an Adjustment Layer, and much more! If you use Photoshop and you ever create selections, this tutorial might be just for you.

0:27 Basics of Color Range
1:54 Selecting tones with Color Range
2:42 Skin Tones and Out of Gamut with Color Range
3:55 Custom Color Range selections
5:38 First smoke color change
7:05 Creating a much better Color Range selection
9:21 Outro


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